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Bolster your existing Aluminum Pan Roof with stronger material to keep the Tampa heat out

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Bolster your existing Aluminum Pan Roof with stronger material to keep the Tampa heat out
As we come into the Summer months in sunny Tampa, Florida, now is the time to take advantage of the the Tampa Bay Rescreens & Repair aluminum pan roofs replacement. Living in Florida means the temperatures are mostly warm to scorching all year long, but a reinforced and structural interlocking insulated panel roof can give your patio an improvement that will not only make it more comfortable for you, but extend your possibilities for home improvement. Here are just a few of the benefits to replacing your pan roof.

Heavy-duty material

Your current aluminum roof might be insulated with a weaker material or may not be insulated at all. Our structural interlocking insulated panel roofs have a high density polystyrene core that can withstand many pounds of pressure and is strong enough that you can walk on it. It also means it offers the valuables underneath it added protection from the elements, such as falling tree branches or other debris.

Better Heat Reduction

Temperatures seem to be extreme for most of the year in Florida, which can be very uncomfortable for both humans and pets alike. The structural interlocking insulated panel roof that can replace your old roof will reduce radiant heat by 20 degrees. A scorching 95-degree day will feel like a comfortable autumn afternoon underneath the insulation, which means you will be more comfortable and your assets will be protected from warping and blistering from constant temperature fluctuations.

Sounds decreased

A heavy rain storm will usually pelt your average aluminum pan roof with water that roars so loudly that all ambient sound are drowned out, making talking, listening to music, or reading a good book nearly impossible. Your structural interlocking insulated panel roof will be able to absorb some of that sound and you’ll be able to enjoy some peace and quiet even with rain pounding on your roof.

Increased Support

The sturdiness of polystyrene is the reason why your structural interlocking insulated panel roof will be strong enough to walk on. Our materials come with a 10 year limited warranty against cracking, crazing, chipping, peeling, blistering or delaminating.  Tampa Bay Rescreens & Repair can customize your roof to the exact specifications you need for superior strength and are engineered to meet or exceed the most rigid building codes.

Please consider the replacement of your pan roof today to protect your investment and keep your Tampa home looking beautiful. Please schedule an appointment with Tampa Bay Rescreens & Repair services Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Dunedin, and Oldsmar areas. Please call us today at 813-679-1074 or you can also contact us using the button below.

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