Pool enclosure painting by Tampa Bay Rescreens & Repair

Have you had your pool enclosure for years and think it might need to be rebuilt or rescreened? At Tampa Bay Rescreens & Repair, you can cut your costs down by 60% by simply having the enclosure for your pool, lanai, deck, or patio painted instead of rebuilding one from the ground up. You can beautify your home and save money at the same time when you invest in pool enclosure painting services by the pool enclosure experts in Tampa Bay.

Check out our new video that shows the painting process using Sherwin Williams Direct-to-metal paints:


Prepping the aluminum is 90% of the work to get a quality paint job. At Tampa Bay Rescreens & Repair, we take the time to insure that your paint goes on right the first time and that it will last you for years to come.

Aluminum preparation:

  1. The pool enclosure surfaces are pressure washed with chlorine, which will give us a clean surface from which to start.
  2. Bare aluminum is sanded and primed with an etching primer to extend the life of the paint and see that it stays on.
  3. Everything is finely detailed with masking tape to make sure only the pool enclosure surfaces are painted.
  4. Dropcloths on deck, pool covered with plastic, anything not to be painted will be masked to prevent overspray.
  5. Rusted screws should be replaced and if not, an oil-based primer will be applied to prevent rust bleed through of the newly painted enclosure.

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Pool cage painting by Tampa Bay Rescreens & Repair
Pool enclosure painting by Tampa Bay Rescreens & Repair

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