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Pool Cage Painting – the basics

We’ve painted hundreds of pool cages, and undoubtedly it’s challenging work. Do not take this the wrong way– we would certainly like to paint your pool enclosure, and we have actually got the procedure down ‘pat’! While the work is challenging we are experts in pool cage painting.

Let’s have a look at why it is so difficult and numerous knowledgeable painters decline the work.

It is exposed from all sides

Wind from North? Every member of the pool enclosure is going to catch capture it. Unlike a wall of your house, pool cage members are exposed to wind, sun, and the elements from all directions. On top of that, they are usually taller than a lot of the surrounding structures. This implies there is no break from the aspects. Things require to be done, quick within a little window of time.

Pool Cages are 3-Dimensional

House walls are flat, while pool enclosure members have 4 sides. Unique care needs to be required to accomplish a full and even protection on all sides. ‘Running’ of the paint takes place easier these 3 dimensional members as the paint in a liquid state makes its way to the edges, and then rounds to the other side.

Paint does not easily bond to aluminum

Metal is one of the trickiest surface areas to paint as the metal doesn’t quickly bond to it. The postponed bonding makes it challenging to get a smooth surface without runs. In areas of peeling paint, or rust, which are typically discovered near connection joints including dissimilar metals, proper actions must be requiring to get these locations into suitable condition for re-finishing.

It can’t be rolled on

If you desire a high quality surface, free from noticeable streaks the paint applied to the screen enclosure can’t happen with a roller. The very best application technique is spray. With a roller, the painting can be done quickly from the ground, or a distance. Utilizing a spray applicator needs the painter to get up close to the pool enclosure using ladders, scaffolding and walkboards. It likewise requires a significant investment in spray application equipment can cost several thousands of dollars. For many painters who do cinder block structures, and interiors an investment into this equipment which they wouldn’t use frequently, simply is not practical.

Open air can quickly lead to over spray

Since the paint particles must travel through the air, over spray can end up being an issue. More attention than typical needs to be given to masking and covering the surrounding location’s to prevent making a mess and getting paint on other surface areas.

Screen Requirements To Be Eliminated

To paint the pool cage, the screen mesh in between each members, and the spline holding it location requires to be removed. Business that specifically do painting do not have the experience do to the re-screening at the end and as trade contractors do not operate their organisation model around contracting out screen work.

Pool Cage Paining done right by the experts

If you need pool cage painting, you simply need to get in touch with Tampa Bay Rescreens. You can do this by calling us at 813-679-1074. Alternately, you can get in touch with us by using our contact form.

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