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Rescreening and repair process – Before
Tampa Bay Rescreens  provides quality rescreening and repair work at a fair price. There are many reasons why you might need to rescreen your pool cage, lanai, or back porch. The metal enclosures for screens can oxidize and become unstable, which might cause the screen to become loose or tear. Years of built up dirt, mold, mildew, and fungus can also accelerate the aging process in screen enclosures and might need to be repaired or replaced completely.

Check out our new video that shows the rescreening process in stop-motion:

Rescreening to keep out the elements and other things

rescreening, pool cages, tampa bay
Rescreening and repair process – Cleaning
We want your pool or lanai to be protected, not only from the elements, but from the various forms of Florida wildlife that may be inhabiting your neighborhood. The rescreening and repair process takes several steps that are shown here in 4 stages of completion. You might need a small repair of some damage caused by hail or the neighborhood kids playing ball nearby. Whatever the size of the job, you can be sure that Tampa Bay Rescreens & Repair will do their very best to see that your repairs are done in a timely fashion and with courteous service.

High-quality Materials

rescreening, pool cages, tampa bay
Rescreening and repair process – Screen Installation
We use only the highest quality materials in the repair of your pool enclosure or lanai that are provided by suppliers like Super Screen ( and Phifer ( The Super Screens product has a 10-year warranty. Chances are, you will only have to rescreen your pool cage or lanai once every 10 to 12 years. Our materials are tear-resistant and can withstand punctures caused by the smallest insects to that pesky snake that might be snooping around. Stormy weather is no match for this screen material, as it can resist most small hailstones and falling tree branches. Living in the Sunshine State also means UV rays will constantly be beating down on your pool or porch, but Super Screen and Phifer materials will not bleach, flake, or fade even with extended exposure to the sun’s rays.

Experienced rescreening professionals

rescreening, pool cages, tampa bay
Rescreening and repair process – Finished

Marc Hadley has years of experience in rescreening and repairing pool cages throughout the Tampa Bay area and outlying areas in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.

If your pool cage, lanai, or porch needs to be repaired, please contact Tampa Bay Rescreens at 813-679-1074.  Alternately, you can submit a request by clicking the button below and get your Fpt’>