gutter cleaning, gutter repair, tampa bay
This gutter needs a good cleaning.
Tampa Bay Rescreens & Repair provides quality gutter cleaning and repair services at a fair price. The gutters on your home serve to protect your roof and the surrounding foundation by routing rainwater away from the house with long narrow channels at the edge of the rooftop. Over time, they may become worn or get so filled with dirt and debris that they don’t route the water away or they might fall off the house altogether.

Average rainfall in Tampa, FL is 46.3 inches. Average rainfall for St. Petersburg, FL is 50.8 inches. – National Climatic Data Center

When considering how much rainfall occurs in Florida, it might be time to call Tampa Bay Rescreens & Repair to have your gutters cleaned or repaired. This simple and low-cost measure might save you thousands of dollars in foundation damage or flooding.

Gutter Maintenance

gutter cleaning, gutter repair, tampa bay
This cleaned gutter can now channel water away.
While rain gutter upkeep can be an annoyance, repairing damaged rain gutters is simple and doesn’t cost very much. Holes can be covered and plugged with roofing cement. Drooping or loose gutter systems can usually be hammered back into place. If rain gutters are terribly damaged, a single section can be changed. The materials for rain gutters can cost just $2.50 per foot, depending upon the material used.

Gutter Construction Materials

Home gutters are most commonly made from vinyl, steel, aluminum or copper. Vinyl is light and strong, however it can become weak in cold times of the year making it more prone to damage from ice or hail. Vinyl gutter systems may last as long as 10 years or longer depending upon the thickness and quality of the product. Steel is durable and can support a high weight, but it rusts where the finish is deteriorated or damaged. Depending on the type of coating used on the metal, steel gutters could last as long as 50 years. That kind of investment can go a long way in improving the look of your home, as well as increase its value.

gutter cleaning, gutter repair, tampa bay
A clean gutter system can save you money in the long run
Aluminum does not rust, however it damages quickly compared to other kinds of gutter product. Aluminum gutters may last 20 to 25 years typically. Copper gutters are gorgeous and are used in creative home designed besides their actual purpose, however costly. With time, the copper develops a rich luster. Regrettably, copper rain gutters can make homes a target for burglars due to the fact that they are valuable and attractive.

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