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Pool Enclosure Painting – When it is Time?

Your pool area is perhaps the most used spot of your house during summers. The continuous usage and humid weather conditions can cause wear and tear of your pool enclosure. A lot of people overlook the condition of their pool and pool cage and later bear with the unpleasant consequences.

Your pool cage needs evaluation on a regular basis to figure out if it needs a restoration service. We have listed down tips to help you evaluate the condition of your pool to find out if it’s time for your pool enclosure painting.

Examine the Paint

The first and most apparent sign to identify the need to refurbish your pool cage is flaking paint. If its paint is coming off or peeling even from a single spot, don’t leave it like that. If you leave the problem ignored, the paint of your entire enclosure will deteriorate.

At times, paint cracking is not easily noticeable. Make sure to check the screws and fasters of the enclosure. Any bubbling of paint at those points is a sign your pool cage needs a fresh paint job. Another method to examine the paint is by rubbing your hand on the cage. If your hand feels chalky, this means the aluminum coat is coming off. Don’t wait any further and get your pool enclosure painting done before sun exposure causes more harm to it.

Inspect the Screen

Observe if your screen is changing its color or fading. This could be an effect of continuous sun exposure, thereby signifying that your screen will tear down soon. Moreover, check all the corners of the screen where it has been attached. Any cracking or bubbling of paint indicates the need for repainting. Also, don’t forget to look for signs of rips, holes or shreds that need to be taken care of.

Scrutinize the Screws

Conduct a thorough inspection of all the screws and bolts to check for rust. Leaving rusty screws can prove to be very dangerous for your pool. It can weaken the pool enclosure’s structure, and it can fall down in harsh weather conditions like on a windy day or hurricane. Replace its hardware with stainless steel bolts to avoid rusting and ensure a safe pooling experience.

Pool Enclosure Painting – we can help

Hopefully, these tips will give you an idea of evaluating the condition of your pool cage. If you identify any of these signs and feel the need to get your pool enclosure painting done, call Tampa Bay Rescreens on 813-679-1074 or use the contact form to get an answer to your queries by sending an email.

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